Dr. Herman Lam

Dr. Herman Lam received his B.Sc. from the University of Toronto in 1984. After graduated from York University with a Ph.D. in chemistry in 1989, he joined Glaxo Canada as a research scientist working on analytical method development and validation. He had managed product development projects to support INDand NDA submissions before the focus of his work gradually shifted to analytical instrumentation and lab automation.

He laid the foundation of the lab instrument qualification, performance verification and instrument management program that was the center of attention in many regulatory audits. He was also responsible for the implementation of new analytical technologies and laboratory automation. He has led the development of a custom designed automated system for nasal spray analysis.

He has a wealth of experiences in wide range of analytical instrumentation including LC, LC-MS, GC, KF, dissolution, UV-Vis, IR, NIR, Raman, ICP, dissolution, particle and droplet sizing, high speed imaging, automated workstations and chemmometrics which enable him to solve very challenging analytical and manufacturing issues.

He was a Principal Investigator at GlaxoSmithKline (Canada) before embarking on his own business from 2008. Herman is very active in the field of instrument qualification, performance verification and method validation. In 1995, he co-founded The Calibration Validation Group (CVG) in Canada. CVG is a government registered non-profit professional organization with focus on the calibration, validation and analytical sciences in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

He is the current president of CVG. In 2010, CVG became a Voting Organization Member of the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP). Herman has developed instrument qualification and performance verification courses for Agilent Technologies and CVG; and presented the courses at various organizations and institutions in North American and Asia. He has been invited to lecture at Health Canada, Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Metrology, and universities. He has served in the USP Dissolution Calibrator Advisory Panel and in the USP Reference Standards Expert Committee.

Herman was appointed as an Honorary Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Hong Kong in February 2012.

He is one of the authors/editors of the book titled “Analytical Method Validation and Instrument Performance Verification” published by Wiley Intersciences in 2004.

He also contributed 5 chapters to the book on automated method validation, instrument qualification and performance verification of HPLC and UV-vis. Over 4000 copies have been sold worldwide.

He had contributed a chapter on the Validation of Laboratory Instrument in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Handbook –Regulations and Quality published by Wiley Intersciences in 2008.

He is one of the editors/authors of a new book published by Wiley in 2010 on instrumentation methods and performance verification topics to complement the 2004 volume.

He has contributed 3 chapters to the new book on the performance verification of near infrared spectrophotometers, GC and analytical balances.

Herman has practiced Taichi for over 20 years and teaches Taichi as a volunteer in community centers in Toronto. He enjoys wine, poetry, philosophy, classical music, and playing the Er-Hu (Chinese Violin).

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